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Stickman Review

Volume1 Number2
Editors: Anthony Brown and Darrin English


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Stickman Review Fiction Contest Winners

First Prize
Solid Gone
by A.C. Koch

Runner Up
The Revolt of the Abyssinian Maid
by Darla Beasley


The Son
by Germaine W. Shames

Ghost Stories
by Rochelle Spencer

The Pied Piper of the Jews
by David Winner


Birthday with Many Antecedents
by Michael Foster

Fox Names Me
A Short History of Smith

by Taylor Graham

The Badge
by Barbara F. Lefcowitz

The Merangels
by Shawnte Orion

Cold Fire
The Weakening

by Radames Ortiz

We Have Built This Silence
by John Sweet

Stickman Gallery
Muffy and Spot
by John Barbato