Sarah, Musing
By Patricia Gray

The quotidian creates
            a surface for love. 
                        Easy to glide around thereā€¦
                                    not dive for what nourishes,
but each night
            when the moon melts
                        on the lake, I watch
                                    from our window,
            to sleep the soft sleep
                        of the well loved.
                                    Without regret,
I could descend
            even a metaphoric stair with you tonight
                        in taper-light, searching for Anteros
                                    The Steady, god
of mutual love,
            protector of the long-married: Anteros,
                        brother of Eros the handsome,
                                    who loved what was out of reach.
Oh well then,
            Anteros, that is why
                        we weren’t taught about your
                                    quiet, unexciting ways,
but stumble
            upon you sometimes
                        merged with your brother
                                    on a familial candlelit stair.